creating quality of life in every phase of life!


improve your quality of life

Working with our team and community of professionals, you’ll discover tools and strategies that fuel your wellBEing, while discovering those things that maybe taking away or impacting your wellBEing. 

You hold the tools  within to ignite resiliency to have control over : your quality of life.  your health. your relationships. your abundance.  your stress levels. your energy levels. your happiness


creating a resilient lifestyle


Also I am a mom, a yogi, a partner, I have spent my career as a consulting as a strategist and an architect of transformation.  I  was diagnosed 25+ years ago with MS, IBS later in life, and most recently recovering from TBI that occurred over 25 years ago.  

Through my own journey I have architected a resilient lifestyle by integrating yoga, nutrition, wellness, weight training, trauma response education, and the Wahls protocol for my own wellness and quality of life.  

As the creator & lifestyle innovator of igniteBEing & the iBE Lifestyle Lab, I   have developed, executed in my own journey, a simple approach that employs a proven evidence-based framework and process to increase your quality of life in every phase of life.  


your well BEing depends on YOU!

We are currently taking select clients that are fully committed to improving your well BEing – we will work to reduce inflammation, heal the gut, reduce aches and pains, improve sleep, manage anxiety, build strength, increase happiness, and improve your overall wellness and quality of life by building a resilient lifestyle and optimizing your quality of life. 

ignite resiliency

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